Master Your Language, MASTER YOUR LIFE

The Mind ReMapping Mastery LIVE 7 Day Training


Training & Certifications in

NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® Techniques, & NLP Coaching


Upcoming Dates:

November 5th-12th, 2021

January 21-28, 2022


Location: Atlanta, GA

Limited Seats: Only 10 per Class

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This Program Provides 4 Standardized Certifications:


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® Techniques, & NLP Coaching


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  • Discover the answers to what is holding you back in your life
  • Unleash your self-confidence and full potential
  • Learn tools to motivate you and keep you motivated
  • Build instant connection and rapport with anyone – anytime.
  • Understand how to access useful emotional states for any situation.
  • Easily Adopt empowering beliefs for better results in all areas of your life
  • Develop your intuition & know how others are thinking.
  • Release negative emotions and limiting decisions that hold you back from getting the life you want.
  • Set powerful goals, and accomplish them with velocity and power.
  • Master the use language patterns that influence, intrigue and move others.
  • Become skilled at negotiation, & conflict resolution using win-win methods.

What Will You Learn In this Training


    • Instantly be able to switch onto mutual understanding with anyone you choose
    • Increase your sensitivity to body-language and its true meaning
    • How to use unconscious body postures so that people unconsciously feel connected positively with you
    • Identify how to use your voice tonality to build rapport (even on the phone)
    • How to create instant connection when communicating with friends, relatives, even people you don’t know

    • Be in charge of your internal emotional state rather than being controlled by it
    • Learn how to set up a personal triggers which can move you in a specific direction
    • Discover how to free yourself from an unwanted internal response to external triggers (past or present)
    • Access your greatest strengths whenever you need them
    • Get rid of procrastination forever

    • Learn how to recognize what type of personality is hiding behind different types of words
    • Find out how to customize your speech for each individual to achieve instant acceptance and wavelength communication

    • Learn the inner coding mechanism of your brain and take control of it
    • Get rid of unwanted habits, behaviors, & negative reactions
    • Be able to solve conflict by literally stepping into someone else’s shoes
    • Discover how to change unwanted habits and responses with a technique as simple as a Swish

    • Learn the skills to change someone's point of view simply by giving them a new perspective.
    • Get yourself and others out of negative thinking by shifting the meaning of what seems to be bothering them

    • Eliminating negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions you’ve made about yourself, others, and the world
    • Learn how to make the right decisions for your life and trust yourself in your choices
    • Get to know what you really want & learn how to make happen

    • Learn how to create deep change conversationally through the use of metaphor and story
    • Learn the fundamentals of trance induction and transformation through hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns

      • Learn how to truly listen behind people's words and understand be able to elicit the true meaning of their communication with just a few simple questions

        • The difference between goals you achieve and goals you don’t achieve
        • Learn how you can always achieve the goals you set

        • Discover and learn how to use how people buy things (the decision making strategy) from just watching their eye movements
        • Learn how to sell based on your client’s strategy (rather than yours) for a more fulfilling outcome

        • Eliminate misunderstanding in communication and help people reach agreement getting them to see the big picture or by getting as specific as you need to create understanding.
        • Learn to manage the level of abstraction or specificity of one's language and the power of lateral thinking.

      Expand your paradigm of what’s possible to easily and effortlessly step outside of your comfort zone and pursue the path that you’ve been putting off for years.


      Completely release yourself from the debilitating grip that Imposter Syndrome has stopped you from following your heart and pursuing your dreams


      Give yourself permission to explore “who you really are” and discover “what your really want” and what’s important to you based on your "Soul Values" -- not what people think you’re ‘supposed’ to be

      This is NOT Simply Information, This is Transformation

      • Disable the "doubt switch" in your brain and have confidence in every area of your life...especially when it matters most.
      • Finally, uncover the hidden blocks that create a mental “ball-and-chain” that slows you down from achieving your highest level of excellence.
      • Get access to a toolbox of “mind hack” techniques that will break you free from the prison of disempowering thoughts that used to hold you back.    
      • Manifest with Power: The ability to say what you want and actually have that thing show up in your life with velocity.
      • Gain the confidence and ability to enroll others into your vision to get the emotional support you need to make your dreams a reality
      • Learn a powerful process that will allow you to easily identify, erase, and eliminate any negative thoughts, just as easily as you would erase a blackboard.


      Dr. Maiysha Clairborne


      Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is an Integrative Family Physician, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy®, & founder of the Mind Re-Mapping Academy. With over 20 years experience, she helps her clients transform their lives by helping them master their mindset & communication, while eliminating fear, self-doubt, & negative emotions that get in the way of their happiness, productivity & peace of mind.


      A Mind ReMapping & Behavior Transformation Specialist,  Dr. Maiysha empowers her students & clients to understand the power of their unconscious thoughts and behaviors so that they can be in the drivers seat of their minds and create lives they truly design. Her own struggle with burnout is what originally inspired her to step outside the box, and her trainings and programs now help women and men around the world find their passion, purpose, freedom, and peace of mind in all areas of life.


      Dr. Maiysha is a graduate of Emory University, completing her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital.